TIA Assets

  • 100% Walkdown Asset Investigation, Valuation and Condition Rating: Measured data, pictures, GPS Mapping, live network integration and cloud-based veracity checking.
  • FAR and TAR Creation, Consolidation and Maintenance: Data Integrity and Accuracy, Highly reliable Asset database, Highly accurate Baseline information to increase operational efficiency.
  • Asset tracking and Electronic Access Control: Tracking, valuation, monitoring of passive and active assets using RFID/BarCode technology.
    Remote Access authorisation, authentication, control and reporting.

TIA Drive

  • Call Data & Competitive Benchmarking: Smartphone data gathering, processing and reporting
  • InBuilding and Campus coverage installation: Indoor DAS systems and temporary site solutions for coverage and capacity
  • Single Site Verification and Site Acceptance: Site drive test to measure performance
    RF site Acceptance Audit for optimal network

TIA Optimisation

  • BluePrint: Full Network Audit to ensure 99.99% accurate database
    Radio Network parameters Audit and Recommendations
  • Precision Optimisation: Automatic Cell Planning (ACP), Automatic Frequency Planning (AFP), Parameters Optimisation, Implementation of physical/software changes, Fine tuning, Performance management
  • Full end to end Network Optimisation: Outsourced solution for complete Network Optimisation
    RAN, Tx, IP and CORE Optimisation