Drive Testing Tool

TIADrive is a solution, run on the Android software platform AZENQOS on all technologies.

New Features: VoLTE, Carrier Aggregation, Instagram, Facebook.

Two options available.

  • To simply purchase our Benchmark Tool and Post Processing Tool to run a DT yourself.
  • TIA offers the full DT and Post Processing solution for you.

We currently do drive testing with Ericsson and Nokia Networks (>800 licences), Airtel (>150 licences), AIS, DTAC, and TrueMoveH in India, as well as MTN, Huawei and Airtel group in Africa.

The benefits of Android over proprietary hardware and software platforms.

  • As much as 80% cheaper
  • Log files, reports and analysis available within seconds on our online dashboard.
  • Handsets and Licences provided by TIA
  • Transfer of licenses to new handsets done at no cost
  • Ease of updating software versions on handset
  • Full functionality is contained 100% in the mobile handset – this equates to mobility.
  • Supports GSM, WCDMA, LTE, LTE-A, LTE-CA and VoLTE within the same license
  • Online historical logs available 24/7 for download from dashboard
  • Software caters for benchmarking, diagnostic testing (indoor and outdoor)
  • We have our very own re-play tools as well as Gladiator (Post Processing Tool) which we use to export log files into other replay tool formats for further in depth analysis.

TIADrive is a fully automated software solution, all functionality required is internal to the AZENQOS handset and removes the need to have complicated PC based setups with cable harnesses and GPS’s. We also provide portable pre- designed DT cases with inbuilt power supplies for indoor and outdoor testing.

The secure web interface (Dashboard) presents a Standard Excel report for the drive test, a CSV format for import in to other analysis tools, a KML file for Google Earth and Google maps analysis, and a Log file to replay the test through our replay software. Other standard and customized KPI reports are also available.

TIADrive supports and reports on all industry standard KPI’s.

Indoor and Outdoor test capability: Voice, Data, FTP, HTTP, Browse, Ping, Trace Route

We also provide other advanced user experience test scenarios such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, OOKLA, Cell Swap Detection, Cell Overshoot detection, iBwave Integration, PCTel ibflex scanner integration and more. Tests can be initiated manually by the user, automatically through time-based schedule or triggered through power source detection.

TIADrive currently does benchmarking for Telecom Industries Africa such as MTN, Airtel and Huawei. AZENQOS also distributes licences to Telecom Companies in India such as Ericsson (>800 licences), Airtel (>150 licences), AIS and more.

TIADrive has highly experienced expert engineers available to do on site benchmarking as well as analyse Benchmark Data and develop customised reports in detail on Network performances.