TIA Team


Lance Dickerson

CEO & Director

“Never let your reality overshadow your dreams”

Lance joined TIA as the CEO in August 2011, following almost 17 years with the MTN Group. He is an engineer, RF network specialist and holds high the Values of the company, as well as all principles associated with innovation and entrepreneurship.

During his 17 years with MTN Lance occupied a number of senior technical positions within in MTN, in South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana, Culminating in the CTO position in Ghana. Lance’s experience is rooted in RF Planning and Optimisation.


Felix von Bormann

Technical & Director

“We use one of the most amazing inventions of humans, a construct that’s incredibly powerful, the Gauss distribution, and together with really fun, smart, creative team create products that really serves the people.”

Felix is a multi-discipline engineer (Mechanical, Industrial, Radio Frequency), with more than 15 years experience on 3 continents in RF network design and mobile communications using UMTS/WCDMA, 2G and 2.5G GSM, GPRS, EDGE and CDMA technologies and power industry. Proven ability in setting objectives and achieving project milestones; works well under stressful situations. Strong interpersonal skills; able to lead and motivate people with effective communication skills.

He has high expertise, from design/installation and commissioning up to operations and optimization. Successful Start-ups and Implementations of radio networks in several different protocols. Mathematics-driven and developed strategies to rescue radio projects and escalate performance. Recognized for customer focus, he has ability to enter new situations and quickly come up to speed on requirements, and then implement solutions.