About TIA


  • Focused on simplifying and improving operational efficiency and optimisation efforts for wireless operators
  • Focused on increasing capacity and revenue not hardware
  • Focused on correcting design in cellular networks
  • Vendor independent

Why TIA?

  • Operation in 24 countries
  • Current Market Share in Africa of 13.5% (total operators)
  • Optimisation of ~53 000 sites which equates to a ~25.1% market share (Based on current and future projects)

Description of Results

Results from recent projects show massive improvements in traffic, revenue, available capacity and KPIs.

TIA Impact Analysis


  • Market 2: $3.3 millions increase in weekly revenue
  • Market 3: $1.0 millions increase in weekly revenue
  • Market 4: $1.1 millions increase in weekly revenue
  • ROI less than 2 weeks
  • EBITDA and PAT increase
  • KPI’s to Best in Class

Immediate customer impact, longer calls, improved data throughput, improved in-building performance, reduced drops, reduced signalling

TIA Assets

  • 100% Walkdown Asset Investigation, Valuation and Condition Rating
  • FAR and TAR Creation, Consolidation and Maintenance
  • Asset tracking and Electronic Access Control

TIA Drive

  • Call Data and Competitive Benchmarking
  • In-Building and campus coverage verification
  • Single Site Verification and Site Acceptance

TIA Optimisation

  • BluePrint
  • Precision Optimisation
  • Full end to end Network Optimisation